The Great Game


On 26th December 1979, Soviet troops marched into Afghanistan in response to repeated attacks on that country’s pro-Soviet regime by the Islamic Mujahadeen, who had been financed by the USA since July of that year.  This policy, formulated by Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to the Carter Administration, was intended to give the Soviet Union its own ‘Vietnam’.  The Soviet Union was to be isolated and the policy of support for the Mujahadeen was continued by the Reagan-Bush administrations and ultimately proved successful.

The US boycotted the 1980 Olympics, which were held in Moscow.  The US media and hence US public opinion were firmly on the side of the Islamic fundamentalists against the ‘Evil Commie Bastards’.  Those who are too young or too ignorant to be aware of all this would do well to read Craig Unger’s excellent book House of Bush, House of Saud, ref Chapter 6.  It reveals links between the US political establishment and Islamic fundamentalists that the Americans would rather pretend have never existed.  Hollywood trash of the era such as Rambo III, backed up the pro-Islam, anti-Soviet message.

The Islamic Mujahadeen were given sterling support by Britain’s very own SAS and the British media joined the propaganda machine in support of them by embedding veteran ITN journalist Sandy Gall to report on their attacks.  British involvement in Afghanistan was nothing new, the USA had just taken over Britain’s former imperial role and the British (Thatcher) governments, subordinate as ever to Uncle Sam, did what they were told and never questioned the long-term consequences of supporting Islamic fundamentalism and war by proxy with the Soviet Union.

Uncle Sam has continued the Great Game, via NATO, with the EU as its junior partner (of which there is a large overlapping membership) to destabilise Ukraine which has long been within the Russian sphere of influence and where a large proportion of its population consider themselves to be ethnically Russian.  None of this exonerates the Russian military response but their paranoia is justified given that the Ukrainian regime has intimated its desire to join NATO; and no doubt, the EU in due course (which will help to extend Germany’s European economic hegemony further east).

The war against Russia has opened up a new front with the US oil industry and Arab-dominated OPEC allowing prices to plummet.  The House of Bush appears to be colluding with the House of Saud once more.  This economic war is not solely against Russia, its other targets are alternative sources of energy for which investment is now drying up.  However, crippling the Russian economy, by reducing its oil export revenues, leading to a run on its currency, is the prime target.  Uncle Sam wants to finish off the Cold War, but won’t have to bear the brunt of the human cost; Europe will though.

Getting rid of Putin and his cronies is one thing, but they are unlikely to suffer a great deal.  But what of ordinary Russians, who will have to live with hyperinflation and interest rates so high that they will kill off any business start-ups?  For Uncle Sam this is a price worth paying.  For Europe it won’t be if there is a flood of Russian economic migrants heading west.  The leaders of EU member states might just regret their decisions over Ukraine and their continued subordination to Uncle Sam, who is in it for himself and doesn’t care about the economic or demographic consequences for Europe.