I stopped updating this blog due to getting ‘follows’ and ‘likes’ from troll accounts.  The former, WordPress allows the facility to remove, the latter it doesn’t.  I also realise that I got caught up with the groupthink, which was the determining factor in the run-up to last year’s referendum, the result of which was as much due to participation – or the lack of – among certain age groups.  A year on, it is obvious that the last blog post was full of false optimism and that ‘Brexit’ could only ever have worked in the pre-Thatcherite era, when Britain’s infrastructure and much of Britain’s main industries were still British-owned; hence British identity was nowhere near as fragmented as it is now (and that was before the invention of ‘multiculturalism’).  This was the world of Old Labour, which the late Peter Shore inhabited; so it was no surprise that the values of those who grew up in that pre-Thatcherite era formed the backbone of support for ‘Brexit’.

The false optimism of the last blog post was based on the assumption that the government would implement what it had promised, based on the referendum result and do so decisively.  It is clear now that everyone who voted ‘Leave’ was led along by a bunch of charlatans for whom it was and is all a game.  Two weeks before the referendum I had wondered if it was just a joke between the Bullingdon Boys on all of us, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt.  I shouldn’t have done.  I don’t regret voting ‘Leave’ so much as voting at all in a referendum that was a wasteful and costly exercise, which has been recently added to by a general election that few people wanted.  A year of dysfunctional government – ‘led’ by a woman whose penchant for wearing heels is appropriate given how good she is at dragging them – has caused a great deal of uncertainty for people and businesses, to the point where no-one in their right mind who isn’t British is going to make any long-term commitment to Britain in terms of investment.

I subsequently started another blog with the intention of getting away from politics but fell into it again and mostly on the same subjects; though I managed a couple of book reviews, a magazine article review, a film review, a tribute to a certain actress and added several pages on miscellaneous subjects; some of which are recycled stuff that I may recycle again.  I still believe deep down that the European Union needs to be demerged into an entity which allows individual countries more autonomy, i.e. a ‘Common Market’ for tariff-free trade with co-operation in several areas, including scientific research.  This is how Western Europe was prior to Margaret Thatcher signing the Single European Act in 1986.  Even after the witch is long since dead, her legacy still haunts us.  She and her Tory colleagues wanted an enlarged labour market to suppress wages.  The Tories still do want this and if they can’t source that labour from Eastern Europe then they’ll do so from elsewhere.  So we shall still have a high rate of immigration if ‘Brexit’ in any form goes ahead, but it is likely to be from nationalities who are less willing to integrate than are the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians etc.

With or without the European Union, Britain’s Establishment will remain rotten to the core, so ‘Brexit’ will not be a panacea for anything.  The mass murder in Manchester by a Muslim misogynist at an event popular with young girls, was an extension to the rape of thousands of girls in Rochdale and other towns by predominantly Muslim ‘grooming’ gangs.  None of this can or should be blamed on ‘Europe’.  The suicide bomber was part of a group allowed free rein by Britain’s security services, just as the rapists have been allowed free rein by social services in local authorities up and down the country.  The contrived ‘migrant crisis’ whereby many thousands of adult male economic migrants – again, mostly of Muslim cultural background – have been allowed to rape their way around Europe, acts to compound a situation that was already bad in the first place.  There is a growing backlash and a lot of pent-up anger, but still not enough, from women towards the Feminist Establishment, which has betrayed them, an issue which I summarised on my newer blog.

In summary with regard to that, ‘Brexit’ will make no difference one way or the other and I can’t help but think that conflict with the European Union is trying fight a war on two fronts at once.  A Polish couple were among those murdered in the Manchester bombing.  Polish immigrants are not our enemies and nor should they ever be treated as such.  Whilst I have always had reservations about any kind of ‘pan-European’ movement, Muslims must be pissing themselves laughing at the divisions within Britain over the EU; and within the EU over the apportioning of those economic migrants between countries.  Conspiracy theorists might believe that the ‘migrant crisis’ was contrived in order to engender a common European identity in reaction to it; but that seems too convoluted and it hasn’t worked anyway.  Islam is a sufficiently serious threat to every secular democratic society which allows it to flourish, so this is not a specifically ‘European’ issue.  People who have been brought up with that Islamic ideology that advocates the rape and murder of non-believers need to reject that; and if they don’t then they should not be appeased.  Islam is a barbaric ‘culture’ which should never be accommodated.  As it is, this weekend, its adherents will indulge in a mass slaughter of animals; the mass slaughter of humans being an extension to that.


Rape Culture and Feminist Hypocrisy

Richard Dawkins retweeted the video below and was subsequently banned from the ‘North East Conference on Science and Skepticism’, due to take place in New York this May.  You’d think that ‘skeptics’ would appreciate this superbly satirical video, but apparently not.

The NECSS Executive Committee has recently issued an arse-licking ‘apology’, but only because Dawkins has recently suffered a stroke and will therefore be unable to attend.  Dawkins has not yet had a ‘fatwa’ placed upon him for his anti-religious views, but some Islamofascists and their idiotic multi-culti supporters may view his condition as punishment from Allah.

Feminist ideology preaches that all men are rapists or at the very least ‘potential’ rapists and that any accusation of rape automatically means that the man at the receiving end of that allegation is guilty.  The accused may not have had sex with the accuser, he may not have even wanted to have sex with the accuser, but he is presumed guilty all the same, so it is acceptable that he be named and shamed and his life ruined accordingly.  An example of how this insidious feminist agenda has been allowed to flourish was the recent case of a man falsely accused of sexual assault in Waterloo Station, London by a woman whom he brushed past and whom he may not have even made physical contact with.  The woman who made the false accusation against him ‘cannot be named for legal reasons’.

Feminists make an exception to this ‘potential rapist’ rule if the man belongs to an ‘oppressed’ ethnic, religious or cultural group; this in itself is ‘racist’ as it accepts that such men are allowed to have lower ethical standards.  Feminist misandry therefore isn’t even consistent.  Ironically, feminists exempt the men whose non-European cultural origins means that they do have a high cultural disposition towards rape, as is obvious from the feminist silence over the activities of the ‘grooming’ gangs in England and feminist whataboutery over the numerous sexual assaults which took place in Cologne and other German cities on New Year’s Eve.

But why do feminists behave this way?  Well their own illiberal views fit in very well with those of their Marxist friends, who in turn find their totalitarian views are compatible with the Islamic world-view.  The feminist agenda is based on continually portraying female middle-class professionals and students of similar socio-economic backgrounds as ‘victims’ of ‘patriarchy’, ‘glass ceilings’ and fictional ‘gender pay gaps’ for the same role.

Feminists are unconcerned about girls and women who do not have the same private school / university backgrounds as themselves, so it is of no concern to feminists if pubescent girls from council estates or children’s homes are raped by men of ‘oppressed’ ethnic, religious or cultural backgrounds.  Similarly, it is of no concern to feminists if women from other non-privileged backgrounds are assaulted by ‘migrants’.  Feminists are more concerned about banning adverts for Protein World, fictional characters in internet games and anything else that avoids reality.  When a genuine rape culture becomes evident, feminists look the other way.

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