Rape Culture and Feminist Hypocrisy

Richard Dawkins retweeted the video below and was subsequently banned from the ‘North East Conference on Science and Skepticism’, due to take place in New York this May.  You’d think that ‘skeptics’ would appreciate this superbly satirical video, but apparently not.

The NECSS Executive Committee has recently issued an arse-licking ‘apology’, but only because Dawkins has recently suffered a stroke and will therefore be unable to attend.  Dawkins has not yet had a ‘fatwa’ placed upon him for his anti-religious views, but some Islamofascists and their idiotic multi-culti supporters may view his condition as punishment from Allah.

Feminist ideology preaches that all men are rapists or at the very least ‘potential’ rapists and that any accusation of rape automatically means that the man at the receiving end of that allegation is guilty.  The accused may not have had sex with the accuser, he may not have even wanted to have sex with the accuser, but he is presumed guilty all the same, so it is acceptable that he be named and shamed and his life ruined accordingly.  An example of how this insidious feminist agenda has been allowed to flourish was the recent case of a man falsely accused of sexual assault in Waterloo Station, London by a woman whom he brushed past and whom he may not have even made physical contact with.  The woman who made the false accusation against him ‘cannot be named for legal reasons’.

Feminists make an exception to this ‘potential rapist’ rule if the man belongs to an ‘oppressed’ ethnic, religious or cultural group; this in itself is ‘racist’ as it accepts that such men are allowed to have lower ethical standards.  Feminist misandry therefore isn’t even consistent.  Ironically, feminists exempt the men whose non-European cultural origins means that they do have a high cultural disposition towards rape, as is obvious from the feminist silence over the activities of the ‘grooming’ gangs in England and feminist whataboutery over the numerous sexual assaults which took place in Cologne and other German cities on New Year’s Eve.

But why do feminists behave this way?  Well their own illiberal views fit in very well with those of their Marxist friends, who in turn find their totalitarian views are compatible with the Islamic world-view.  The feminist agenda is based on continually portraying female middle-class professionals and students of similar socio-economic backgrounds as ‘victims’ of ‘patriarchy’, ‘glass ceilings’ and fictional ‘gender pay gaps’ for the same role.

Feminists are unconcerned about girls and women who do not have the same private school / university backgrounds as themselves, so it is of no concern to feminists if pubescent girls from council estates or children’s homes are raped by men of ‘oppressed’ ethnic, religious or cultural backgrounds.  Similarly, it is of no concern to feminists if women from other non-privileged backgrounds are assaulted by ‘migrants’.  Feminists are more concerned about banning adverts for Protein World, fictional characters in internet games and anything else that avoids reality.  When a genuine rape culture becomes evident, feminists look the other way.

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These drag queens, they ain’t never had no period – Andy Warhol

As Germaine Greer, a contemporary of Australia’s most famous drag queen is well aware; they are from the same middle-class origins in the same city and were part of the same generation of ‘expats’ that made a name for themselves in ‘Swinging’ London during the 1960’s.  Greer became a Messiah to millions of women seeking to blame ‘patriarchal oppression’ for their woes.  Karma has however befallen Greer in her old age, as she has become a target for the hate mob which she helped to create.  Whilst delivering a talk last year at the University of Cambridge, Greer was accused of being ‘transmysognistic’, for stating what is biologically true, that a man who pretends to be a woman isn’t; but it did show that students’ unions are still run by loonies as they were a few decades ago.

Graham Chapman – Brian Cohen, the reluctant Messiah – supported the founding of Gay News as a ‘special friend’ in 1972.  Sadly, he died prematurely, long before that piece of 21st Century Newspeak ‘LGBT’ (with or without the additional ‘Q’) came into existence.  Except in character in the odd Python sketch, Chapman, like most gay men, never expressed any desire to be a woman.  Andy Warhol was also gay, but that didn’t stop the feminist ‘radical’ Valerie Solanas from exercising her hatred of men by trying to murder him. The cultural influence of both Chapman and Warhol extends far beyond the ghetto that ‘LGBTQ’ (and whatever initials are to be added to it) activists would like to place them in.

Take Andy Warhol’s Factory, strip out all the creative talent and what remained was a narcissistic freakshow of those who craved 15 minutes of fame.  Updated for the present and transposed to the other side of the USA, this has become a grotesque ‘reality’ show starring Incontinentia Buttox, the selfie queen with an inflatable arse (who is now married to Biggus Dickus).  One of the patriarchs of this ‘reality’ family has decided that he wishes instead to be a ‘matriarch’.  As this ‘reality’ show bears no relationship to reality, then why not?  As a drag queen, ‘she’ has graced the cover of Vanity Fair and would like the world to believe that ‘she’ is a woman, but ‘she’ still has the same chromosomes that he had when he was in his mother’s womb and no ‘she’ has never had a period.

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