These drag queens, they ain’t never had no period – Andy Warhol

As Germaine Greer, a contemporary of Australia’s most famous drag queen is well aware; they are from the same middle-class origins in the same city and were part of the same generation of ‘expats’ that made a name for themselves in ‘Swinging’ London during the 1960’s.  Greer became a Messiah to millions of women seeking to blame ‘patriarchal oppression’ for their woes.  Karma has however befallen Greer in her old age, as she has become a target for the hate mob which she helped to create.  Whilst delivering a talk last year at the University of Cambridge, Greer was accused of being ‘transmysognistic’, for stating what is biologically true, that a man who pretends to be a woman isn’t; but it did show that students’ unions are still run by loonies as they were a few decades ago.

Graham Chapman – Brian Cohen, the reluctant Messiah – supported the founding of Gay News as a ‘special friend’ in 1972.  Sadly, he died prematurely, long before that piece of 21st Century Newspeak ‘LGBT’ (with or without the additional ‘Q’) came into existence.  Except in character in the odd Python sketch, Chapman, like most gay men, never expressed any desire to be a woman.  Andy Warhol was also gay, but that didn’t stop the feminist ‘radical’ Valerie Solanas from exercising her hatred of men by trying to murder him. The cultural influence of both Chapman and Warhol extends far beyond the ghetto that ‘LGBTQ’ (and whatever initials are to be added to it) activists would like to place them in.

Take Andy Warhol’s Factory, strip out all the creative talent and what remained was a narcissistic freakshow of those who craved 15 minutes of fame.  Updated for the present and transposed to the other side of the USA, this has become a grotesque ‘reality’ show starring Incontinentia Buttox, the selfie queen with an inflatable arse (who is now married to Biggus Dickus).  One of the patriarchs of this ‘reality’ family has decided that he wishes instead to be a ‘matriarch’.  As this ‘reality’ show bears no relationship to reality, then why not?  As a drag queen, ‘she’ has graced the cover of Vanity Fair and would like the world to believe that ‘she’ is a woman, but ‘she’ still has the same chromosomes that he had when he was in his mother’s womb and no ‘she’ has never had a period.

john cleese graham chapman